Sobmaekha Sub-district Administrative Organization

Hangdong, Chiangmai, Thailand

Background of Tambon Sobmaekha Sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO)
          Tambon Sobmaekha is located at Moo 3 Ban Koh, Tambon Sobmaekha, Hang Dong, Chiangmai. According to the proclamation of the Interior Ministry, it was leveled from Tambon Sobmaekha council to the Administrative Organization dated on February 23, 1997.

Background of Tambon Sobmaekha
          Tambon Sob Mae Kha is one of 11 Tambon of Hang Dong district Chiangmai Province. The name of “Sob Mae Kha” is named after the two converged rivers, Maekha river and Ping river.

General Information
Tambon Sobmaekha Administrative Organization is located easterly 8 kilometers from Hang Dong’s District Office.

 North to Tambon Padad.
 East to Tambon Kuomung and Tambon Donkaew.
 West to Tambon Banwan, Tambon Sanpakwan and Tambon Khunkong.
 South to Tambon Khunkhong.

Area: 4.50 sq. km.

Geography:  The general geography is considered the plains in the space of Mae Kha river and Ping river in the east. It is considered the flatland with best conditions for short period cultivation practices.

Water resource:
- Ping river
- Maekha river
- Maetang irrigation

Numbers of Villages (Moo ban):
There are totally 5 villages in Tambon Sobmaekha as follows;
Moo 1 – Ban Tha Kheekwai (Ban Wangsri)
Moo 2 – Ban Namthong
Moo 3 – Ban Koh
Moo 4 – Ban Tha Sala
Moo 5 – Ban Nong Kham

         Total population is 9,078 people, including 4,365 males and 4,713 females. The demographic density is 450/sq. km. with 3,314 households.

Total population      2,435  people
Males                          1,245  people
Females                     1,190  people
Demographic density  541/sq. km.

Economic Condition
Occupation: Laboring, Farming

Tourism: The most outstanding tourist attraction is the first Longan tree from China, located in the private area called Kad Suan Chao, Moo 3 Ban Koh.  Additionally, Wat Phra Chao Omlin (Buddhist sanka abodes), a center of Buddhism for locals, is located at Moo 4 Ban Tha Sala.

Social condition

- 1 Primary schools: Ban Wang Sri School, located at Moo 1 Ban Tha Kheekwai
- 5 Newspaper-service centers in each village

Institutions and religious organizations:
- The majority of villagers are Buddhists
- There are 5 temples in local as follows;
1. Ratta Aram Yai temple, located at Moo 1 Ban Tha KheeKwai
2. Sriwaree Sathan temple, located at Moo 2 Ban Namthong
3. Chaisathan temple, located at Moo 3 Ban Koh
4. Buddhist sanka abodes, Phra Chao Omlin, located at Moo 4 Ban Thasala
5. Jantarawas temple, located at Moo 5 Ban Nong Kham

Public Health Care:
- 1 Health stations with 3 health care professions, residing at Moo 2 Ban Nam Thong.
(The rate of hygenic toilets for each household is 100 percent.)

Community Police Stations:
          There are 1 community police box, residing at Moo 2 Ban Nam Thong

Fundamental service:
- Electricity is fully provided for every house.
- Public telephone booth in every village
- Concrete roads

Address :  Sobmaekha Sub-District Administrative Organization
Moo 3, Sobmaekha, Hang Dong
Chiangmai 50220 Thailand
Phone :  66-53-368405
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